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TCESC + Sogolytics

“Our organization is open to feedback, and we’re willing to adjust our practices based on what our clients say. And Sogolytics allows us to keep in touch with what people really need and become better practitioners of that.”

Trumbull County Educational Service Center

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center provides high-quality services to school districts and communities through cost-effective and cooperative programs that promote the highest levels of learning.

Based in Trumbull County, Ohio, TCESC provides instruction in the areas of curriculum development, special education, and technology. The Center employs teachers, therapists, psychologists, and other specialists who work directly with approximately 25,000 students across 20 school districts. TCESC also conducts professional growth training seminars for approximately 2000 teachers each year.


“We needed a platform that would allow us to collect and analyze multiple pieces of information,” explains Marino Jr.. “We were using another platform, but it was not as robust a solution as we needed, in terms of solicitation of input and being able to disaggregate that data into useful data points. Ultimately, we needed to measure the effectiveness of our trainings – but if we couldn’t drill down on the results, we couldn’t measure our success in serving the needs of our client districts.”


TCESC asked James Rook, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, to take the lead on finding a more powerful feedback management platform.

“I was tasked with finding a tool that we could use to get better data and feedback on our sessions,” James says. “And I was a little bit familiar with Sogo to begin with, but then I really took the time to research exactly what it offered. Obviously, I signed up for the free trial, looked at the product in comparison to some of the other options, and concluded that it was a pretty easy choice to decide to recommend Sogo.”

Once the Center switched to Sogo, they took advantage of the platform’s QR code generator to increase participation. After each training seminar, teachers were immediately presented with a QR code to scan – which led to a satisfaction survey for that specific seminar.

“We played around with some different approaches to survey distribution,” James says. “The strategy we found most successful was printing the QR codes, setting those out on the table, and allowing trainees just to pull out their phones before they leave and complete the survey.”

“I certainly would recommend Sogolytics to anybody who’s looking to collect actionable feedback about events that are taking place in real time.”

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