Omnichannel customer

feedback collection and management

Candid customer input highlights opportunities to optimize customer experience management strategy and grow your business.

Reach your customers
where they are

Consumers value flexibility. With SogoCX, you get far more than just a simple customer feedback collection tool. Meet customer demand by providing multiple channels for feedback. That way, you have more opportunities to collect the information you need, and your customers will appreciate the ability to reach out to you from anywhere, at any time. It’s a win-win.

Feedback collection
made easy

Optimize your customer feedback management process from the very first interaction.

From email invitations to quick SMS invites or embedded forms (and much more), SogoCX offers dozens of distribution options to meet your customers on their preferred channels—and gather more reliable data more quickly.


Create a flexible, long-term relationship with your customers through SogoCX

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Capture customer feedback
across channels

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. That means it’s crucial to monitor how they feel about your company or your products and services. And the best way to get a true sense of customer sentiment is through feedback collection across a variety of channels. That's why we help you do it all!

Online surveys

Drop a quick link into any post, site, or message to collect feedback everywhere.

Social Media

Match the tone and style of your brand on channels both fun and professional.


Reach out directly to participants through personalized email invitations.

Text Messaging

A quick SMS can be the key to collecting on-the-spot feedback.

Customer Feedback Forms

Embed forms in your app, on your website, or anywhere you like.

QR Codes

No contact info? Invite participants scan a code for contact-free feedback.

Find out what you need to know
from those who know

There’s no replacement for feedback. Without it, your company is operating in the dark. Worse yet, if customers can’t find a way to let you know that they have a problem, they’ll turn to your competitors – and be sure to let their friends know.

Customer feedback provides the data points you need to make intelligent business decisions—whether that means small course adjustments or visualizing potential problems down the road. Collecting customer feedback is the surest, most reliable way to keep your business on track.

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