Experience management
solutions for higher education

Make data-driven decisions, from student recruitment to alumni engagement, with a
advanced-yet-user-friendly platform engineered to help higher education institutions thrive.

Do you connect with your community?

Track and analyze touchpoints for
students, faculty, staff, and alumni—and
transform the way you connect
with your campus community.
Elevate the complete experience
Focus your efforts

Improve admissions

With powerful analytics and data, better target your admissions and recruitment efforts—deploy strategies that yield big results to attract best-fit students.
Increase retention rate

Optimize the student experience

Learn what your students expect, what you can do to meet those expectations, and increase student retention and engagement—all from one experience management solution for higher education.
Enhance engagement

Boost alumni involvement

Give your development team data-rich insights to help them better engage alumni and increase donations.
Improve student outcomes with powerful analytics

How are your students performing? Understand progress and identify obstacles with a robust experience management solution. Break down responses to note overarching patterns and take the best next step.

Apply Filters

Isolate and compare data based on specific demographic criteria with unlimited filters and data segmentation—deeper insights equal better decision making.

Benchmark Data

Compare data across multiple campuses, systems, or against competing institutions.

Understand the Sentiment

Analyze hard-to-quantify open-ended responses through automatic sentiment and topic analysis.

Establish Correlation

Find critical relationships through crosstab analysis and reporting.

Affordable and

Sogolytics is a powerful turnkey solution that won’t break the bank. Understand where your community stands to realign efforts and improve overall engagement, seamlessly.

Flexible and fully supported
Select Your Template

Pre-defined survey templates get you up and running quickly, including student engagement surveys, course evaluations, faculty engagement surveys, and much more.

Customize Your Survey

Create surveys that connect with numerous question types. Add in multiple languages to reach more members of your educational community, and use white labeling to inspire trust amongst participants.

Get the Complete Overview

Simple to use dashboards and UI make it easy to get the information you need in an instant.

Optimize Your Experience

24/7/365 support, from self-serve options to live chat and scheduled calls, so you can keep moving forward

Don’t just take our word for it

Sogolytics helps the world’s best higher education institutions connect with students, staff, faculty, and the community.
Here are their stories.

Reporting made easy

Create customized visuals and use advanced features to delve into the results easily.

Everything at a Glance

Get instant, detailed results in just one click with the Omni Report.

Customize the Insights

Easily create reports to meet Department of Education and state requirements.

Multiple Export Options

Merge student satisfaction survey questionnaires and then export the data to multiple formats, including Excel or SPSS.

Dynamic Reports

Generate live reports with real-time results, metrics, and insights with easy-to-understand data visualizations.

Share Your

Share reports with individuals and groups across campus easily to improve transparency and make informed decisions.

Elevate experiences to create an engaging and inclusive environment for all with Sogolytics.

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Integration made

Sogolytics easily integrates with your SIS and other campus systems to help you automate routine tasks, share data across multiple platforms, and capture a complete picture of the student experience.

Effectively upgrade the

faculty experience

Track trends in faculty and staff satisfaction through easy-to-use reports to help you reduce turnover.

Increase Engagement
Conduct performance evaluations and distribute semi-annual satisfaction surveys—as well as frequent pulse checks—to head off potential faculty and employee engagement problems.

Identify Experience Gaps
Assess knowledge of faculty and staff, identify learning gaps, and help them develop their skills so they can grow and excel—including professional development needs assessments, faculty mentoring surveys, and more.

Encourage Collaboration
Understand the current academic culture with regular surveys to nurture the one you envision with effective diversity initiatives, innovative programs, and much more—all fueled by feedback.

Streamline Processes
Set up rules and alerts to immediately notify teams about critical concerns, create automated reminders and schedule follow-up messages to promote a proactive environment.

Keep in touch with alumni

Stay connected and ensure follow-through with SogoConnect

Close the Loop: Stay in touch

With SogoConnect, you can easily manage alumni outreach and communication and cultivate relationships well beyond graduation.

Convert feedback into action through personalized responses
Provide alumni with multiple channels for feedback
Increase institutional loyalty through attentive communication
Start collecting answers today with our professionally designed survey templates.
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